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THAT ALLOWS YOU TO track & managE your budget
in only 15 minutes a month

Just saying "finances" makes your skin crawl. You've always admired people that have their shit together when it comes to money.


How do all these people know exactly what they're dealing with and how much they have until their next payday without even thinking about it?

You've know for a WHIIIIILE now that you should probably be more involved with your bills. If it wasn't for those email reminders or remembering randomly at the right times, there could be way more NSF fees.

Plus, not having a hold on your expenses keeps hindering your other goals. You've been wanting to join that gym or save for that vacation but you just don't have enough information to know if you could swing always feels like a chaotic scramble to make everything work each month.

What if it was all way easier? And there was a simple way to FINALLY tackle it all and not feel so endlessly overwhelmed?

financial self-care budget system

Just Picture It...

  • Knowing exactly how much you're spending and feeling in control of where your money is going
  • Having a budget that allows you to make choices and have fun when you want to
  • Not feeling guilty anymore about "splurging" on that Venti Mocha Latte -- you EARNED that! 
  • Being able to obliterate financial confusion and self-doubt when you get extra cash
  • Giving yourself the ability to save for the things you want, even when your budget is tight
  • Creating a solid game plan and system you can come back to again and again
  • Being able to have all of this and only spend 15 minutes a MONTH thinking about your finances - giving you HOURS of additional free time and more mental energy than ever before


...seriously though, you could probably write a book with all that new mental energy after this...


It's so incredibly possible and I'm telling you this because I created and have been using this exact system for over a decade! Eliminate your financial stress, give yourself the ability to do the things you want, and allow yourself to feel like a BAMF for staying on top of stuff that matters.

Let me show you how!



Financial Self-Care Budget System Google Sheets

Ready to take action?

  • You'll save time and ditch the overwhelm that comes with trying to figure out a financial system
  • You'll know exactly how much all of your bills are, when they are due, and have a plan in place for savings, recurring expenses, and emergencies
  • You'll have ONE simple, organized space for all of your budgeting
  • You'll be able to say goodbye to surprise charges and bank account blunders because you'll know everything about your cash flow

Just think about how you could feel in just a couple of hours from now with a system in place and a complete course to walk you through all the details!

I'm sharing all of this with you from a place of experience. I've been using this system every single month to manage my finances for over a decade!

financial self care budget system


Waiting for you inside Financial Self-Care Budget System:

  • Instant access to all of the materials right away, no waiting, no "dripped" content
  • Walkthrough videos for each step of the process
  • Your Complete Budget System Template
  • Budget Trackers and Savings Calculators!
  • Quick tutorials and formula breakdowns
  • Step-by-step instructions so you can set yourself up for financial success!
  • Annual Review expense & bill report






Take a peek inside the course...

Each lesson contains videos/audio that are 10 minutes or less meaning you don't have to spend HOURS getting your system up and running. It also means you can enroll and get organized TODAY!

module 1

MODULE 1 - Establish your budget

  • Gas, Groceries, and Everything Else
  • Monthly Expenses Idea List
  • Using a Cash System
  • The Importance of Fun Money
  • Figuring out your Fun Fund

MODULE 2 - Set Up Your Budget Workbook

  • Finalizing Your Monthly Expenses
  • Setting Yourself Up for the Year Ahead
financial self care (2).png

module 3 - customization & basic formulas

  • Customizing Fonts & Colors, Naming Tabs
  • Re-ordering Tabs
  • Duplicating Tabs & Worksheets
  • Changing the Format of Currency & Dates
  • Basic Formulas
financial self care (3).png

module 4 - tackling debt

  • Using the Debt Breakdown Tab
  • Deciding on a Pay Off Strategy
financial self care

module 5 - tracking semi-annual bills & expenses

  • Using the Recurring Expenses Tab
  • List of Recurring Expenses
financial self care (4).png

MODULE 6 - Savings & Funds

  • Determining Your Savings Goals
  • Building an Emergency Fund
  • Credit Card Awareness
financial self care (5).png

MODule 7 - budget trackers & Calculators

  • Using the Holiday Spending Tab
  • Using the Grocery Budget Tab
  • Using the Savings Calculator

module 8 - joint & sub accounts

  • A Strategy for Sharing Finances
financial self care.png

module 9 - Accessing your budget sheet anywhere

  • How to Easily Access Your Budget on Your Phone
  • Using the Screenshot Method
financial self care (8).png

module 10 - Money Mindset BASICS

  • Handling Monetary Gifts
  • Avoiding Payday Impulse & Compulsive Spending
  • Accepting Income into Your Life
  • Money Mindset Book Reccomendations
financial self care (9).png

Module 11 - Taking advantage of online bill pay

  • Preparing Yourself 3 Months Out
financial self care (6).png

module 12 - Establishing a Financial Self-Care Schedule

  • What Do You Want Your Time to Look Like?
  • How Do You Want to Feel?
  • Schedule it Out!


Learn on the go and take your budget system with you anywhere!

  • Go through the lessons on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Access your budget sheets anywhere 
  • Check in on your spending with the digital grocery & spending tracker!
Financial Self-Care Budget System



BONUS #1 - Daily Abundance Guided Meditation ($20 VALUE)

Use this daily 7-minute meditation to step into radical gratitude and an abundance mindset


BONUS #2 - Private Facebook Support Group ($250 VALUE)

This isn't just another group. I'll be in weekly with prompts, updates, and monthly office hours to answer your questions and dive deeper into budgeting and money mindset topics!


Sarah Steckler

About Your Instructor

I'm Sarah Steckler, I help individuals combine mindfulness with productivity to feel more at ease and organized in their daily lives. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner, I'm here as your guide to facilitating change and organizing your life. I've spent the past 10+ years of my life cultivating tools, systems, and strategies to better organize my life, prioritize my goals, and create solid game-plans to make things happen. I'm also passionate about living a life infused with mindfulness and self-care. When you enroll in the Financial Self-Care Budget System you can have full peace of mind knowing that I've intentionally put together this course through a proven system I've used myself for years! 

financial self-care

Who is the Financial Self-Care Budget System for?

This course is for you if:

  • You have a steady paycheck / predictable income
  • You're ready to commit to a system that will give you financial organizational freedom
  • You've put this off long enough and it's time to make a damn change
  • You want to be aware of what you're spending and why so you can make better financial decisions and let's be honest, decisions about your life in general
  • You're committed to taking a hard look at your finances and following some easy step-by-step strategies


This course isn't for you if:

  • You want someone to manage your finances for you
  • You expect all of your money beliefs to be solved overnight
  • You don't have a reliable income source

You always have choices…..

Option 1: Keep doing what you’re doing (or not doing), allowing yourself to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure about finances each month….

Option 2: Close this page and never think about this course again (you're still awesome in my book)

Option 3: Learn from someone who knows what the heck she’s talking about and can help you take control of your finances in a matter of HOURS, not months or more extended, procrastinated time. Gain confidence in ways to eliminate guilt and financial self-doubt, and move forward like a badass because now you’re in control of your MULA!

With other online financial budget systems, you often have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access their program. Or you can pay a ONE time fee and purchase this course and have access to an awesome system for a lifetime that you can use over and over again! Deflate your financial stress and get proven ways to track your spending and stay in control of your funds!

Dortha Hise

The hands-on approach & the videos were FAB and I love all the color. :-) I like the practical examples and all the awesome content provided. I learned all kinds of cool Excel tricks & I also thought differently about some aspects of budgeting - like the shared accounts thing you shared - very nice! :-) There were some components I wasn't doing in my budgeting and I also found some things in there also good to implement into my business budgeting. ;-) I really enjoyed the content! Very easy to follow and very actionable! Awesome!

If you need to get your s*** together on your budget and you're not sure where to start, please take this course. Not only is Sarah easy to understand and follow along in her videos, she has created some amazing accompanying handouts and materials to use that you implement as you do the course! You don't need to be a numbers person either, she's created various formulas, etc. in the spreadsheet that makes it all easy peasy!

Dortha Hise,


Sarah Steckler's Financial Self-Care course is for anyone who needs help budgeting their personal finances or is new to using spreadsheets like Excel. While I have used Excel before, Sarah had lots of great tips on how to use Excel better and easier, as well as basic formulas, sorting and filtering and more.

The budget sheets that Sarah has created are excellent and will help you easily set up your system month by month which is calculated for a yearly expense so you can see what you are spending on each bill at the end of the year. It easily allows you to keep track of bills, expenses, and income, so you can plan in advance, and know where your money is going and when.

Sarah also added a "fun money" fund so you can set aside money for extras like splurging on yourself and self-care. The spreadsheet has different tabs for bills, expenses, credit cards, holiday savings and more. Sarah has also added a tab for extras that are not monthly occurring, like dental, medications, hair salon, car maintenance etc... so you can save for those expenses.

Another great application is the Saving Calculator so you can figure out things you want to save for and shows you how that will accumulate over time, which is great motivation. Sarah also talks about emergency funds and the importance of saving for those unknown things that can happen in life so you are prepared.

This course is fairly basic, meaning that is easy to use and understand for just about anyone. I found it very useful and inspiring, as I have a lot of problems with budgeting my money and usually just wing it month to month.

This program has helped me take control of my money and has taken the fear and anxiety out of budgeting and paying bills. It is so easy to do if you just set it up and follow through. It also makes you very mindful of your spending and where you can save more and spend less. 

Besides the great spreadsheets, Sarah also talks about money and stress, impulsive and compulsive spending as well as establishing a financial self-care schedule. Overall great course, I found it very helpful and easy-peasy to follow and stick to.

I really wish I had of taken this course in advance as it would have saved me days (yes, days!) of time trying to create my budgets and spending each month and figure everything out. Sarah's method is perfect to keep me on track.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is currently struggling with budgeting and paying their bills, and who wants a simple system to track their money and become aware of their spending. Lots of content videos and worksheets. Thanks, Sarah!

- Domina Doll


+ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts immediately after you enroll and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

+ How long will I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ What software do I need for the course?

This course uses Google Sheets which you can find in your Gmail dashboard for FREE!

+ How familiar with spreadsheets do I need to be to use this program?

You don't have to be a spreadsheet superuser to benefit from this course. In fact, I've used simple formulas and formatting for this very reason, so there's no stress involved even if you're a beginner. I also walk you through the basics of using, editing, and formatting cells within the spreadsheet so if you're a total beginner you'll have zero issues :)

+ What's your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this course and the instant access to materials, I do not offer a refund. However, I strongly believe in this system and the ability for it to help you completely organize your budgeting and how you handle money each month. Investing in this course also means investing in yourself and holding space for yourself to complete the course and go through the materials so you can see the results you are seeking.


Get Your Finances in Order
and Empower Your Spending



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